Essay writing forms an important part of every student’s curriculum. In UK essay writing is a must for every student. And most pupils tend to avoid that because of obvious reasons. They can’t seem to write that perfect essay, and that is the cause of all the apprehension. In today’s era of competition, every student is faced with huge expectations. And due to the burden imposed on them to perform well in academic subjects, they ignore the essay writing. However, just keeping in mind these simple tricks will make sure that their essay writing skills will be hugely improved. Let’s take a look at them.Don’t think about the deadlines. Think about it as a process. Understand what the topic is about, read about if from several sources, note down the important points, and think about those points which you think are important enough to be included in your essay. Form your own opinions about those points, or what famous people have said in relation to your topic. Criticize them if you think that is right. Don’t be shy about expressing yourself. Conduct a primary research on the topic, and be absolutely shameless about it.Plan the entire thing. Make a structure about which point should go before which, and what should be included under that point so as to strengthen it. And once all the points are covered, think about what the introduction and the conclusion are going to be like. After all, that’s all you need to write a properly structure essay. Write down the points one by one, assemble them one by one. Give them appropriate headings, elaborate them with the other materials that you have.

Introduce subheads to your essay if need be. There’s no need to use complex English and heavy words. Write simple English but be proper as far as the grammar is concerned. This is where people mess up, and this is one of the most important parts of writing an essay. Also, do stick to the point you are making because otherwise it makes for an uninteresting read.