There are a number of different places that you can visit when you plan to go on a vacation with your loved ones. One of the most popular destinations is Singapore because of the beautiful climate and some of the most amazing destinations that you can see once you are here. Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia and while it is a very popular place that tourists keep on visiting over and over again, if you have already visited Singapore and you are keen on doing something different this time then is a good idea for you to take the train from singapore to johor. Johor Bahru happens to be a very beautiful little city that is in Malaysia and it is not very far away from Singapore. There’s a lot you can do and since it is not really popular with tourists it is less crowded and also less expensive. While there’s no harm staying in Singapore there is also no harm in exploring new places and this gives you more places to cover and it also gives you a glimpse what Malaysian culture is all about. There are various ways that you can get to Johor Bahru but taking the train from Singapore happens to be one of the most convenient ways for you to reach. The reason travelling by train is better is because it is more affordable and faster and not a lot of people travel by train regularly. If you are keen on taking the train then you should make sure you book your train tickets in advance. Although is not a very popular tourist destination more and more people are trying to make the most out of this small city. It would be difficult for you to get tickets in case you plan on booking them at the last minute which is why you should try and make your reservations in advance.