LED Shoes are in the trend as they are the new party companion; these shoes are also known with different names as Light up shoes and Led Sneakers. Different LED shoes comes with different range of light and color patterns, rechargeable battery is the other new captivated quality that offers more trust and categorized LED schuhe as the worth money buy option. If you are planning to buy a new set of LED shoes, we will guide you for the qualities you should look for in the pair of LED shoes to choose better and wisely.

Color Modes

There are different available color modes as options with different color combinations. Most of the LED shoes come with different patterns that can be switched with the help of hidden switch to make it look different for different wardrobes. For better control check the different types of color options available with easy options to change.

Lighting modes

Different lighting modes are attached to LED shoes as they are available as pair with slow light effects or fast changing effects. You can choose the better available option that matches your need and style, different kinds of lighting includes glowing or even dancing lights.


Looking for better comfort as the important factor in LED shoes is important factor as discomforting set of shoes with better light combination and pattern will not allow you to join the party mood. Non-comforting shoes may result later swelling or foot ulcers, in order to avoid all these after effects, you should buy comfortable set of LED shoes.


As you are buying LED shoes, the most important thing to consider and quality to look at should be the battery life of Led Shoes, in general the common battery life for LED shoes is 9 hours. Also look for the rechargeable battery feature with on and off switch option.