Liberty blog was created after a lot of things were realized not to be flowing and going as needed. People were unaware that their rights were being violated in one or another until this blog came into existence. A good example of miscarriage of liberty is when one is thrown out job or forced to retire early. Many people though it was right for the employer to do that because he or she is the boss. However, that is not the case and one should ensure that he or she knows the ground in which such things should be allowed to happen.

Another one are the rules governing workers. Liberty can be compromised in many ways. Through making an employer to work for over fifteen hours in a day, that means some of his social freedom parameters are going to be impaired. We all have a personal life, we all must work but we must all be given time for our own so that we think and solve our secret inner issues. This blog has tried as much as possible to explore all these issues to ensure that all hindrances of liberty are surfaced and exposed for the world to know.

FB-BannerCompanies have been scrutinized to bring all these inhuman acts onto the eyes of the people. We have all the permission and authorization from the legal bodies to conduct such investigations. This is what has made us not to spare any liberty interference. We reveal, we show we educate, that is our work.