Buying the best zero turn lawn mower is equivalent to shopping for that car you want to use on a daily basis. When shopping for a car, people have different preferences; there are those who will buy a cheap car which will take them around town, while others will want a luxury car which will give them a smooth ride; and still, there are those who will prefer heavy duty pickups.  The same case applies to zero turn mower,  there are all types of them out there with some which can just mow your lawn at a cheap price; the next level will cut the grass evenly and do other duties around the yard. There are those which come in the form of a car, giving you a good ride as you mow your lawn. What this means is, the best zero turning mower are all similar because they all cut grass, the difference is in the speed, comfortability, longevity, and quality of the components.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews

Best Lawn Mower Reviews

Sizing the Mower

It all depends on the way you are going to use it. If you want the best cut, get the smaller deck, but it should not be less than 42 inches. Those more than 48 inches will be able to cut larger areas very fast, but not evenly from one side to the other as compared to the smaller size of between 42 and 46 inches.

When it comes to slopes, the smaller zero turn mower of fewer than 42 inches will be kind of unstable. Those between 32 and 34 inches zero turns have their own problems – traction problems. If you have places you need to use a smaller zero turn mower like the gate, and still have slopes, it is advisable to make the gates wider so that you can go for the 42-46 mower. The small mower of below 42 has traction problems in the rear and they are good at tearing up the lawn.     best-zero-turn-mower-under-5000-678x357

The goodness about a 42-46 zero turn mowers is that, it will fit comfortably in the back of the pickup, has good traction, and it will discharge chute down to areas which are narrower. It is the best option to buy as it will suit most of the places in your lawn.

Use this guide to help you in choosing the best zero turn mowers for your lawn.