TracyThis is a blog that has been written in respect to humanity and social wellbeing of individuals. It has been tethered on justice, legal parameters and the rights and responsibilities of individuals. Liberty or in other words social autonomy of people has been breached through so many ways. That is why this blog has explored, analyzed and enshrined all these miscarriages of liberty so that people could understand everything about liberty. The writers and founders of the blog are liberal and neutral thinkers who are not biased but play their role to always keep you informed.

This blog tries to find out cases, from employers, government, politics and other places where Liberty has been jeopardized or upheld to ensure that the world is always informed about what is happening. This is what makes it a place where people spend their time reading about the various cases of liberty. The blog also welcomes articles from people across the world to ensure that people are informed. Through its social media pages, people involve in discussions regarding liberty and how it has been affected in the various cases. Freedom, autonomy and human rights is what is talked about in this blog.