Before you begin any new website or blog you first need to think about SEO; because, without it there’s no way you could be successful. Gaining the recognition of the top search engines should always be your top priority as they’re going to be the main source of your traffic and probably sales.

Never Forget about SEO

If you’re new to this field, before you begin make it a point to go through the TOS of different search engines so as to make sure you’re not going against their basic rules (Also known as Black hat SEO techniques). This is really important because you’d also learn a bit on the functioning of the particular search engines and therefore be able to fine tune your website to rank high on them.

Write High Quality Content

Even if you own an e-commerce site, you would need to have high quality and unique articles that also contain keywords in them. Search engines wouldn’t know what you’re selling unless they read some text on your site and therefore it is really important that you have text to deliver this message.

Organize your website well

Most search engines need you to submit a sitemap to them and therefore it would be wise if you organize your website well. It’s not just that; in order to reduce the overall bounce rate, you need to make sure that your visitors find what they need really fast. Stats have shown that if people don’t get what they need within three clicks you would lose the visitor. SEO services Singapore is providing best service to organize your websites well.

Pick your keyword well

When picking keywords, you would need to focus on some that are easy to rank for whereas others that are related to your business but not that easy to rank well for. You need to do this because the lower competition keywords would get some initial traffic to your website whereas in the course of time your website would grow strong and rank better for the higher competition keywords as well.  There are plenty of tools such as the Google AdWords free keyword research tool to help you out here.